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Why Most Females Don’t Reach Orgasm



What You Need To Know About Female Orgasm

Research shows that one out of every four women has only experienced orgasm once or twice or never before. More than 60% of the women population have never reached orgasm and a reasonable proportion though few don’t enjoy sexual intimacy.
“I just lie there while he gets all the kicks ” is usually what they say.

Reasons Why Some Women Don’t Reach Orgasm

1) Psychological Factor :- Some women don’t actually see a reason why they should. Women who want to reach orgasm certainly does! provided their is the right stimulation and situation. Some women are rigid because of the belief that they have accumulated in their mind through some religion mumbo jumbo
Also, it could be that the lady is recovering from a psychological trauma from past sexual assault. This could prevent her from reaching orgasm

2) Stress :- Sex can be tiring when one has had a long day. It is only when both partners are not in fatigue that they can enjoy sexual intimacy.

3) Lack of fore play:- There are two sides to this. Don’t just go for the bull’s eye. Kisses, touches, and anything else that works for you are all important. Not just clitoral stimulation. Some ladies won’t just be launched into the mood by going directly for the clitoris even if you use your fingers.
The second thing to know is that don’t just go for penetration after fore play. Clitoral stimulation is important too. The hands or fingers can do the trick.

Help :-

1) Try the kegel exercise :-Report Shows that the most orgasm-inducing muscle
contractions are in their lower pelvis. These are the same muscles you squeeze to stop the flow of urine midstream (a conscious contraction of this group is called a Kegel exercise.  Apparently , relaxation won’t make it happen!

2) Calm your mind :- The mind should be relaxed and focused primary on the stimulation

3) Try a different position :- In most instances, ladies who stay below during intercourse are not able to reach orgasm as much as those who stay on point. So,  don’t just lie there like a corpse. Switch sides with your partner.


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